Solar Inverter Fault Finding & Repair

It is a good feeling when your wholesome Solar Power System is up and running, producing electricity and allowing you to make the most of the high feed-in tariffs.

It is, however, not a very good feeling when there is a malfunction or something faulty of the system. Following up from our previous blog about Solar Inverters, AAE Industries will share a few pointers on Solar Inverter Fault Finding & Repair.

Typically, a solar inverter can last up to 15 years with proper maintenance, although due to various reasons, there is a tendency that it will develop faults, and it is normal after consistent use for several years.

Solar Inverter Fault Finding, Maintenance & Repair
A type of solar inverter


Solar Inverter Fault Finding

If you notice that your solar system or solar inverter is not working properly, you might be having an issue with a problematic inverter or other faults across the system. Before calling up a licensed electrician, you could perform some checks to first detect the faults in the solar inverter.

  • LED Lights - check to confirm that the red light is not permanently on. If this happens throughout the day, then the solar inverter and possibly the system require maintenance and repair.
  • LED Screen - should your inverter shows error messages or error codes such as: ‘DC INJ OUTPUT ERROR’, ‘RELAY ERROR’, or ‘GRID NOT PRESENT’; then please proceed to contact Licensed Solar Technicians, such as our experienced technicians at AAE Industries.
  • Energy Produced - if there is an obvious mismatch between your normal energy production output and recent readings, it could suggest that the inverter is underperforming. This could be due to component failures, hailstorm damages and debris or dirt build-ups on the panels. 


Solar Inverter Repair

If indeed it was ascertained that your solar inverter needs maintenance or repair, here are the things that will happen once a qualified Solar Technician from AAE Industries visit you:

  • For error messages/codes, our technician will decipher and explain the situation to you, along with constructive actions that are needed.
  • We will perform checks for system voltage, wiring, detailed sweep across all fuses and breakers, with a proper reboot too if required.
  • Assessment will be made across all aspects of your solar power system, extensive fault finding and identifying old and broken parts that are damaging the system.

We have worked across various solar panel systems and have uncovered many faults and damages in solar inverters and solar panels over the years. AAE Industries is an accredited designer and installer of top quality solar panels and solar photovoltaic grid connect systems, for any commercial and residential application. We can design and install a solar power system that suits your property and budget for maximum savings.